Tuesday 16 August 2011

Saying Thanks

Manchester has finally relinquished my best friend! She's coming over to Leeds today for the first time since the wedding.

We are whisking her out for Thai food and cocktails tonight, in honour of an honourable maid (of honour), and a job well done. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be a married woman now if it  wasn't for Catie. Because my head would have exploded. I am certain of this.

Since the wedding, Sam and I have spent a lot of time saying thank-you (or writing it on jolly cards):

Because there is absolutely no question that weddings have this knack of showing you who your friends are -yeahhh some other people let us down, and it was upsetting. But the sadness over that was teeny-tiny compared to the enormous giganto-rainbow of fabulosity that was everyone else. From the crack team who took time to help set up our reception venue, to those who spent time learning songs to perform on the night, those who travelled great distances to be there and those who threw crazy shapes on the dance floor...just everyone. Everyone there. The moment we walked into the evening party and everybody cheered was the one point in the day I cried.

Anyway. Fabulous rainbow friends, hark at me! I sound like a right hippy. 

Seriously. Thanks guys.

You rock.

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