Thursday 11 August 2011

The Benefits Of A Long (ish) Engagement....

.... it gives you time to collect lots of beautiful things for your mismatched, pretty vintage wedding.

Sam and I are on the hunt for the final few teacups ready to make teacup candles for our friends' wedding in November. Yay crafts!

It's harder to find this stuff than you think. Happily, the bride is also a charity shop compulsive (is there a support group for us?), and between us we're nearly at target. I've really enjoyed the excuse to go on a tour of various outposts of Leeds, although we've come back with a ton of other highly unnecessary stuff  including a Super-Ted keyring, a pair of awful pink jeans and a cat-flap. Actually, the cat-flap was a bit of a find...but, a cat flap is definitely not a teacup.

It's all made me thankful we didn't need to do too much hunting for second-hand pretties for our own wedding. Apparently, when Sam and I are placed in a room with a load of cheap tat for sale, we feel compelled to buy everything apart from the item we went in for.

If anybody sees me trying to buy pink jeans again, you have permission to drag me out of the shop by my hair.

Anyway, teacups ahoy! We'll let you know how we get on with the candles. If we don't cock it up (DEFINITELY not an option on Sam's watch) I'll post a tutorial.


  1. I dont really do charity shops - I get fed up rummaging almost as soon as I've started! I do wish I was better or more patient with it. I saw some lovely teacup candles in a gift shop in Wetherby last year though (on a rare hunt for vintage china for a present!) so I could be tempted when your tutorials up!

  2. It's easy to get incredibly pretty matching sets of vintage cups in charity shops, so if you get inspired by the candle-making it wouldn't be too hard a slog around to find some suitable vessels. It's the mismatch that's the tricky bit! I would say lack of patience here is a virtue Linds, I bet your house is loads tidier than ours. Px