Thursday 18 August 2011

On Being A Wedding Guest

Going to weddings as an engaged person was awesome. I found I was paying attention in a WHOLE new way. And suddenly being very impressed by previously ignored favours (Spiderman candy cigarettes anybody? WITH TRANSFER TATTOOS? I had to restrain myself from putting one on my forehead and I wasn't even drinking). It was hard not to take notes. Think people aren't going to notice the details at your wedding? Invite somebody who has just got engaged. They will DRINK it down and give you three hearty cheers.

This weekend, Sam and I are going to our first wedding reception as a married couple.

The idea of going to a big wedding party and getting to be a guest again is pretty exciting. But how will it feel different to before? Maybe we should take a pipe and slippers, and rock back on our heels with a satisfied look on our faces. We have done it, we came out alive, and now we get to be spectators as two of our friends get whizzed around in their own glorious wedding day turbine.

Inevitably it was far easier to choose a dress for this wedding than the last one I went to...

Mint green queen

..unfortunately I'm going to have to resort to washing up liquid on my hair to get the last of the pink out (sob).

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