Monday 22 August 2011

Stuff Nobody Tells You About Weddings Part Four: EAT


You may experience some of the following:

Headache, nervousness, restlessness, unusually fast or pounding heartbeat, dizziness or lightheadedness, flushing or paleness of face or skin, nausea, trembling, trouble in sleeping, trouble in breathing, unusual increase in sweating, weakness, and in some cases chest pain and irregular heartbeat. 

Your adrenal gland is having a freak out, and dumping its guts all over your system.

Happy wedding day!

It's inevitable that you're going to feel nervous. But you could be taking yourself to a whole new level of psychotic if you're not careful because.... guess what? Not eating properly on the day will make that panic far, far worse.

You see *nutritionist hat on* stress causes adrenalin to be released in your body. But low blood sugar cause high adrenalin in the body too, resulting in a double whammy of loony tunes. I know eating might seem like the least of your worries when there are storm clouds over the marquee, the registrar is stuck in traffic and your flower girl's got the mumps. I did not feel much like eating either, and eating is one of the things I do best of all. But you could be doubling your problems if you're not careful, making an emotional day even harder to deal with.

The most annoying thing is - as soon as we get stressed, it's automatically harder to eat because our body goes into fight or flight mode (no evolutionary need for muching berries if we're getting chased by a sabre-toothed tiger). We need fuel, but our body is sending out unhelpful signals that we can't stomach it. I managed an early breakfast and lunch, and then didn't eat again for about nine hours of the booze-filled, whirlwind of a day, as my stomach had dwindled to the size of a walnut.  Couple that with an active body used to regular feeding, and it's no wonder I crashed at the end of the night and had to be taken home.

MOH points uselessly at the buffet. She couldn't eat either - we both ended up sneaking off early to collapse in the hotel bar

Your mouth will be busy talking to guests, you may not be able to imagine how to give that mouth a five minute break, but make sure somebody drags you to the buffet (or drag yourself) to get something, even if you have to put a wig and a tache on to get there without being waylaid.

Food gives you super-powers.

Do it.

You chose and paid for it after all....

All images by the Black Eye Specialist


  1. Oh I did the exact same thing at my wedding! We were sooo hungry we stopped at Wendy's on the way to our honeymoon hotel. I was ticked the next day since I spent so much effort finding the perfect eclairs.

  2. Isn't it annoying? Sam picked his favourite deli to cater our evening do, and barely had a mouthful. I don't think either of us even realised until the end of the night. I wish I'd had someone drag me over and make me eat... I regret those dancefloor moments I missed from being too tired and having to leave!