Friday 5 August 2011

My Mum

Only my amazing mother would get married in an Edwardian wedding dress with a flipping parasol in the middle of London in the swinging 60s. Styling!

My mum and I love clothes. I only wish she'd kept more of her incredible wardrobe from the 60s and 70s. Although I would have been able to do nothing but gaze longingly at it, as she is dinky Kylie proportions, and I am Giantessa. Sometimes she regales me with tales of awesome outfits she and her friend Bloon used to swap, or about how she shopped at Biba in '64 when it was still a tiny shop on Abingdon Road *goes into fashion headspin*

Of course we still love to shop together now, but I'm not sure Newark TK Maxx has quite the same cachet as the King's Road did in the 1960s. I wish I could time travel back and go shopping with them. It must have been amazing.

She still has the parasol shown in the picture above, and I was going to use it on my own wedding day before I chose my dress (trust me- it would have been TOO too much). I really need to get her to keep hold of it though.... just in case she ends up with a stylish little grandaughter one day.

PS. Mother of the Bride to the left of frame ALSO working her look! Chic Grandma!

PPS. Wedding dress actually from Miss Selfridge - £12. I have clearly also inherited Mum's love of a bargain.

PPS. Looking at this picture you can see I am a tall freak in a family of tiny people. As a guide, my Dad is 5'8". LOOK HOW SMALL THEY ARE!

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  1. Penny. I freaking love this post. How gorgeous are your parents and Grandma? You have some good genes there. And your mother looks incredible. She must have a knockout figure to pull that off. Oh, what a picture!