Wednesday 5 September 2012

Bag It UP!

In spite of  having to wait until the end of September to get paid ANYTHING from my new job, I am perpetually being lured by the siren call of city centre lunch-break shopping.

Here's the problem: if I don't leave the office, people think I'm still working and give me stuff to do.


If I leave the office, there is another issue. I am faced with a city centre bursting with pretty things to buy. A thousand retail temptations dancing past my senses like a glorious technicolour parade of wanton jezebels, sequins glistening, satin shining, whispering come buy me you need me you can't live without me.

Bag in Zara. In my opinion, unfairly priced. Because I cannot afford it.

OH! if I just bought some black court shoes then all my previously jazzy and unsuitable work outfits would magically appear demure and work-appropriate. OH! if I just had the right (expensive) bag to put things in then I would suddenly be organised enough to not leave my lunch at home and have to go to Sesame again. OH! the conundrum of dressing for the corporate office with a hipster sensibility could easily be solved with the right shirt dress. OH! a good black blazer makes everything look brilliantly smart, you just need to look in enough shops to find the right one ooh and while I'm in here look at that spotty top and those denim shorts I need I need I need

How do people do this every day? What is the answer?

Do I just need to get a promotion so I can afford it all?

Tuesday 4 September 2012

Bad, Bad Boys

I was having a debate with Amy on Sunday night about whether she should watch Top Gun or Point Break.

The debate was more of a mutual consensus that Patrick Swayze as dangerous wild-child criminal Bodhi will always top tiny little Tom Cruise, regardless of how many planes he flies or how much Kenny Loggins is on the soundtrack.

THEN yesterday at work I was talking to (boring to death - no wonder she wants to leave) my colleague and fellow new starter about how I never "got" Ryan Gosling until I saw Drive....

"Oh he's a really dark, violent character, but ..." *swoon*

...."which is weird because that's exactly how I was about Brad Pitt, I never "got" him til he played a sociopath in Fight Club! PHWOAR!"

 "But it's OK because really the only actor I really really fancy is John Cusack. And he's a very sensible sort of person to fancy. Although I only really properly fancy him in Grosse Point Blank. Oh yeah, he's a hitman in that isn't he? But he's a hitman with really good taste in music."

This is all completely at odds with men I have dated, who have historically been ridiculously nice and non-dangerous. For crying out loud, my husband won't even get on a roller-coaster.

I don't have a point. And if you were thinking this post was just an excuse for me to post some pictures of some really, really attractive men you would be partly, if not entirely correct.

Vivez les bad boys!

Sunday 2 September 2012

I'm Back! Plus, the Kabeedies

I might not post every day now, but I'm back and feeling better.

HOLY SHIT my new job is full on. And obviously I'm still teaching fitness in the evenings too, which barely leaves me time to breathe. Or blog.

I've had an amazing weekend which involved going out in town on Saturday night and meeting people that have lived at the end of our street for the last four years and we have never spoken to before. I am amazed we have neighbours who are into tattoos/cats/FlamingLips have we never met?*

Also, I've finally realised that margaritas are my cocktail. You know, like your cocktail is a mojito. Well, mine is a margarita.

And I totally forgot to tell you about this band, the Kabeedies. They're completely brilliant, and I want you to ignore the fact that their amazing female vocalist has just left the band because they're still great and I'm going to go back in time ten years and clone myself so they can have a Me to sing her parts instead. Because if I wasn't a boring old fart with a mortgage and a husband I would be hanging on their trouser legs and begging them to let me do it.

Proper summer music, proper ace. I got their album Soap a few weeks ago and it's relentlessly cheery. Check them out.

*FAO Mum I still don't have any tattoos, that's just Sam.