Wednesday 24 August 2011

Ups & Downs

In less than a fortnight, Sam and I will finally be on our honeymoon.

I feel very fortunate that we have pretty much agreed on the kind of things we want to do while we are in New York. These things are mostly beer, music, Wicked, beer, food, karaoke and beer.

But there is just one thing that I'm dying to do while we're there that Sam is not entirely sold on. Visit Coney Island and go on the world famous Cyclone, a rickety wooden track rollercoaster dating from the 1920s. This thing is a BIG deal in the world of coasters, inspiring 7 international copies and giving my friend Ellie whiplash.


I LOVE roller coasters. Sam is not so sure. He's very amicably agreed to go to Luna Park with me, as we bagged cheap tickets via Groupon, but he is not big on theme park rides. In fact, Sam has NEVER been on a roller coaster. Because Sam does not like heights, or being thrown about in a potentially fatal mechanical contraption just for the hell of it. 

Silly boy. It's only 85 feet tall.

Will Sam go on the Cyclone with me? Or will he watch me go on it by myself and live on firm in his conviction that he won't like it? 

*packs best persuasive powers*

1 comment:

  1. Oh gosh that looks exciting. Coney Island is supposed to be the best fun EVER.

    I had a similar dilemma with Martyn when we took our first vacation together (Florida). Of course we hit Disneyland and Universal, but he insisted on not being a fan of rollercoasters. He went on every single one and by the end of the holiday had grown fond of them.

    Persist and he will be cracked.