Tuesday 9 August 2011

Start Spreading The News....

....we're leaving todaayyyy

...Oh OK, in four weeks time. Doesn't have quite the same ring. But still....


 We can see the lights from Armley.... if we squint a bit

Four weeks today we will be at Manchester airport, about to embark on our first proper big holiday together. This may seem like a lengthy stretch to you, but not to us. We can see our dream adventure in the distance now, like an enormous pastrami sandwich on the horizon. It has been four long years of no big holidays, now it is four short weeks til we get to have a BREAK.

And some fun. And lots of beer.

I'm currently knee-deep in lists of things we might want to do. But you can't beat a good personal recommendation. I'm eagerly seeking hot tips and advice.

We want to steer away from the tourist stuff (I've been a few times before and done all that to death, Sam is simply not bothered) but we like the idea of doing the more pop-culture/counter-culture cool tourist stuff (like checking out the Ghostbusters building, doing live band karaoke and going to the Jim Henson exhibition that's on while we're over there) as well as trying to live as much like locals as anybody reasonably can in NYC. We're spending four nights in Manhattan, and five nights in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Friends, readers, lurkers, whoever you may be...

...give your best tips unto me!

Small sad voice that I won't be around for a certain party though.... *cries*.....you girls better take a ton of pictures!


  1. For a different sort of NYC day out, go to Brighton Beach in Brooklyn. Huge Russian population, lots of signs in Cyrillic and plenty of places to go for a borscht, blinis and vodka lunch. Also a big old beach! It's at the end of the B subway line.

  2. Perfect! I get to immerse myself in my heritage and not only stay warm, but actually be on a beach!! I did not even know this was possible...

  3. Fanelli's Cafe - http://nymag.com/listings/bar/fanellis/

    Me and Tam went in 2002, it was recommended to us and we loved it. Sit at the bar if you can!

    Stringer x

  4. Okay so I didn't realize your blog was back!!! Woohooo! I LOVE that pic of you in your veil! Gorgeous! And I'm so excited for your big trip - you'll have a blast:)))

  5. Cheers Stringer! Cheap beer in an authentic environment = EXACTLY what we're looking for. And thanks for stopping in Charlotte! It is back to the blog again...although with a slightly different slant this time :)