Friday 19 August 2011

First Dance Friday: The One That Got Away

Sam and I have a song that is well and truly Our Song.

It's our karaoke duet at every available opportunity, the song we blasted out of the open windows as we tazzed about in Sam's 18 year old Nissan Bluebird (RIP), we have moves for it, we have a matching vocal's the song that plays in the brains of our friends whenever we walk into a room together, like the slap bass on Seinfeld. If we were a wrestling tag team it would blast out into the arena as we went into the ring.

It's our theme tune....

How could our first dance NOT be Pump Up The Jam? We weren't afraid of breaking with the conventional slow dance, we didn't want a traditional wedding anyway. We'd told everybody for years before we got engaged that it would be our first dance. WE MADE A (drunken) VOW. But when it came down to it.... we bottled it. We started with Michael Jackson, and then faded into Technotronic as soon as everybody else was dancing with us.

We totally could have got away with it. Everyone was too drunk and full of feelgood to care by the time we got round to the first dance, and all the relatives who might have thought it was tacky had gone home by then anyway.

Lesson learned!

To be honest, I'm still not sure how we would have danced to it in front of everyone without looking completely insane.

In my over-imaginative head (in the fantastical land of pre-engagement where all wedding fantasies run wild and free) we were dancing behind backlit screens, with early 90s choreography, backing dancers, fluorescent cycling shorts and bumbags.


  1. I would have been well into that.

  2. That would have been an awesome first dance! Especially if you have moves and everything to it.

    I keep asking Corey what we'd dance to. He always asks "Isn't our song Brothers in Arms?" (a long story involving nights before we started going out watching the West Wing, secretly really, REALLY liking each other...Brothers in Arms plays on a season finale). Umm...yeah...cause a pretty depressing song about war and being soldiers is a great way to start a marriage off...

    I think, at the next AOW party, you need to teach us all the moves, maybe some of the not yet marrieds on the site may choose to do it as their first dance!

  3. Ahaha! Oh dear... It's more synchronised gesticulating and flailing than anything ... I think you would all look GREAT doing it though. Oh yes.

    Good old Dire Straits- that truly is an inappropriate first dance!

  4. Ha ha, the best nights out include synchronised gesticulating and flailing! We'd all look damn good! Especially with nipple tassels and Anna K's flags. It'll be the new dance craze!

    And yes, highly inappropriate. I eventually spoke the lyrics out to him after he said "Well, its slow and stuff". After hearing the lyrics properly...he's agreed with me.

  5. All my favourite songs are about lesbians breaking up. Not exactly first dance material. But bumbags and MC Hammer moves? I am in.

  6. Well now I'm intrigued. What are these lesbian break up songs? And who said anything about MC Hammer? If you have the trousers, I will pull out the moves...