Friday 12 August 2011

First Dance Friday

I loved our first dance song! But (shhh) it was a bit of a compromise.

Actually, it was A LOT of a compromise, for several reasons:

1. We decided, after agonising, that "Our Song" (there really is only one song for us) was not really appropriate First Dance material....

2. ....we then chose another song we both loved (although had never listened to together). But we realised in the month before the wedding that at 4 minutes it was far too long to shuffle round awkwardly to, and it would make us both cry, not because we love each other, just because this song makes us both cry ANYWAY, nothing to do with the wedding, and all our guests would think we were mental....

3. ...we then ploughed through both of our iTunes and discovered that every song Sam likes is about death or break-ups, or is just silly, and all the appropriate (and beautiful!) music I had didn't really set his world on fire (pffft to that) or have any connection to us or our relationship.

So we went for a classic.....

And I love it. I love it because I got to be "The Pretty Lady With The High Heels On" (ruined it by being a sweaty mess in trainers on the day - but ohmygod in my little head I was STILL THAT GIRL IN THE VIDEO BUT WITH ADDED BRIDALNESS).  I love it because it's fun, upbeat and just a little bit flirty - no self-conscious bumbling around the dancefloor needed when you can strut. More than that, it's a great pop song - which is what Sam and I love best. And the words were actually just what we wanted. It's about that giddiness of falling in love, being totally hooked on somebody, that feeling that you've found the answer to the everything. On the day it was perfect.

It also meant we got people up on the floor and dancing with us after a minute in -PHEW-and then we could justifiably segue into "Our" actual Song...

But you'll have to wait til next Friday for that.

Dancing shoes


  1. Great choice.

    My husband cannot dance. He is the entertainment for our friends, whenever he attempts to dance. His dancing skills came up in the best man's speach. Most people with two left feet, shuffle, but alas my husband is oblivious to what a terrible dancer he is, and really goes for it Every.Single.Time.

    We needed a slow song.

    I came up with Otis Redding Stand by Me. Andy would not agree, and came up with both Bryan Adams and Richard Marx suggestions, which I would not agree to.

    We compromised on Adele Make You Feel My Love. We both love the lyrics. I ike the Bob Dylan version, but on practising in our living room, we found Adele easier to sway to. It was slow enough, for Andy not to start moving his shoulders up and down. Perfect.


  2. Ah Penny... I think you can guess how much I love this choice. I was only saying (*see begging) to Mike that I should walk down the 'aisle' to this...

    SUPERB! :)

  3. Katie - you had to deal with a Richard Marx request? I tip my hat to you for for fighting the good fight! Abi I did think of you when I wrote this... I am sure you will find a decent compromise! Two musical people in one relationship does equal headstrong battle when it comes to wedding songs... I can definitely sympathise.