Tuesday 27 March 2012

Remade In Leeds: Swapaholics!

I often think the nicest thing about doing Aerockbics is the fantastic people I get to meet. I really think you need to be certifiably lovely to come to my class- I'm always amazed by how friendly and positive everyone is. Not only that, but they seem to be very clued-up, and I'm constantly finding out about other amazing events and small businesses in Leeds from them.

This weekend I experienced my best find yet in the Remade Clothes Swap. Lizzie from Remade and her motley crew of ladies are Aerockbics regulars, and I'd been meaning to toddle along to the shop for ages, so this was the perfect opportunity.  I scooped up a couple of willing accomplices and off we went, with arms laden full of nice clothes that didn't fit/weren't quite right/ we were bored of:

The swap runs every month on a Saturday from 1pm-4pm at Remade in Hyde Park. It's £2 in, and you get a card with a membership number to log your donations and the number of items you take away. This way if you leave with less than you brought, you can always take more items at the next event.
Inside the shop was full with items already sorted into rails and piles, with baskets of scarves, belts and a table of shoes. Items were constantly being put out, so it was worth loitering and being on the ball ready to grab stuff as it appeared. We took our first load, then went to the Brudenell for a pint in the beer garden before trekking back for a second attack, which seemed to work well as there was lots of new stuff the second time. Both Katie and I took nine items each and came away with five or six things each in total. Sam fared less well as the menswear rail was much smaller, but he still came away with a t-shirt and only reluctantly abandoned a pink Hungry Hippos top because it was a girl's XS. He also got vegan chocolate cake, which he was quite delighted by.

The jeans I got were actually completely free and not even swapped - due to an avalanche of trews, the girls had put a pile of them out the front for people to take whatever they wanted. I also got a stripy Jaeger tank top, a couple of sports tops (not pictured as boring and for work!) some flat ankle boots that are an absolute perfect fit, and a gold and black boob tube that's too small for me (turns out it was 12 YEARS, not a size 12) but would probably fit Catie - either that or I can take it back next month.

The swap was great fun - if you're a rummager with an afternoon to spare, you'll love it. The studio itself is so cute inside -although I didn't take any pictures as was overcome with the pure STUFF flying in and out. Remade also run regular sewing and upcycling workshops there where you can learn to salvage your clothes and give them a new lease of life.

The next clothes swap is on April, find out more at Reform's Facebook page. Reform is also home to the Antiform fashion line, which is sold at the studio, and also at Mad Elizabeth Vintage on the top level of the Corn Exchange (one of my favourite Leeds shops!).

If anyone's interested, I'm also organising a one-off sewing project group in the next few months at Remade, where we can take in individual projects and Lizzie will help us be excellent. This is for every level from the savvy (Sam) to the useless (me) and can cover everything from altering clothes to getting to grips with your sewing machine. Let me know if you want in and I'll let you know the date when we get it sorted!


  1. The jacket I came away with has become an instant favourite - and was found just in time for the decent weather!

    Not sure about the trousers I got having tried them on - but I'll probably bring them back to swap next time. Fabulous!

    1. My "free" jeans were a revelation! The tank top has floundered a bit in the wash though, sadly. Couple of small holes are now couple of medium sized ones. Maybe I can learn to darn?


  2. This sounds reslly fun.

    Wishing I lived nearby for your sewing sesh.

  3. What an awesome find!

    I once did a clothes swap with my girl friends but unfortunately we're all quite different sizes so I didn't do well out of it - I think they did tho! ;)