Tuesday 6 March 2012

Psychic Dinners

Sam started his new job yesterday -well done Sam!

For the first time in five years, he is working in an office, and not from our spare room. This means his normal getting-up time of 9:15am (which is just enough time to crawl across the landing in his pants and only be 15 minutes and 20 seconds late) has now been replaced with a rather more grown-up 7:30am.

Gone are the days where we can shop for our food on the day, every day. Sometimes twice a day, because we always forget things. Forward planning is now required.

So, on Sunday, for the first time in our relationship, we did an entire week's worth of food shopping in one trip. It caused unprecedented stress. I had to make lists of lists. What did we think we might want to eat on Thursday? How did we know that it was definitely what we were going to want to eat? What if the vegetables went floppy? What does a vegan put in his packed lunch anyway? How are you supposed to get a heavy item out of the bottom of one of those large shopping trolleys without hurting yourself? They are, frankly, a health hazard. Elderly people shouldn't be allowed to use them. NOBODY should be allowed to use them without first having a 12 week core training programme.

We got to the supermarket and I realised I had left both the lists on the coffee table.

I started to panic.

I worried we would buy extra things off-list (we did). I worried that we wouldn't use everything and some of the fresh food might get thrown away. I worried that we might get home and realise we didn't have enough to feed ourselves until Thursday. I worried that we might lose Grown-Up Points for running out of bread and having to go to Tesco Metro for an over-priced Finest Farmhouse loaf.

We ran out of bags for life and had to use one normal carrier! ENVIRONMENTAL ARGH

Then it looked like an awful lot of food on the conveyor belt, so I worried a bit about that too.

I generally worried about everything.

However, when we got home I realised I'd remembered each and every one of the 26 items on our list. And then I was too busy being pleased with my anxious but highly functional brain to worry anymore.

Today is Tuesday, day of Stew. I'm not sure if I fancy it yet, but happy Stewsday anyway.

What are you having for tea tonight?

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