Wednesday 7 March 2012

Get The Net!

I love this film. Is it weird that I've seen it approximately 50 times, and only seen the (equally brilliant) sequel twice? What does that mean?

Here is another sequence I can quote word for word, and I would like it if we paid particular attention to Wayne's parting shot "get the net!", because that is what I'm encouraging you all to do today. I keep writing things everywhere online, higgeldy piggeldy, and I know my mum is reading this, and she would like to know where they are. If you can bear any more of my prattling, you might be interested too.

First off we have a round up of gigs in March and April for My Life In Leeds. Any notable omissions will be due to having to hold back on Brudenell gigs because there are TOO MANY GOOD ONES and, quite frankly, they're showing up every other venue in the city. For shame.

Next we have the usual round-up of music releases for Florence Finds. In a nutshell, I get a bit bored by Emeli Sande and then bang on about some other records possibly three other people will be interested in, thereby destroying any interest FF readers may have had in my column. That Sharon Van Etten album really is good though, I'm telling you. Just try it. I promise to be a bit more accessible next month.

There is also now online evidence of the interview I did with house music legend Dave Beer over at No Title magazine , in which I try to translate the 1990s dance music scene into something applicable to all musicians who want to start some kind of crazy revolution. Proof positive that DIY is not just a punk vision.

And this last one isn't by me, which means you should definitely go and read it. Hilarious article about Aerockbics by the lovely @nicochapo over on the Culture Vulture. All that talk about PE lessons makes me break out in a cold sweat too.

I think I might watch Wayne's World 2 this weekend....


  1. You are taking over the net! I read your interview and was very interested, despite having no idea who they were :)

  2. Thankyou Linsey! I had a bit of a strop about not getting any comments yesterday, but I ended up with some very nice ones in the end, so tantrum averted.


  3. Hey Mr. Donut Man, who's trying to kill ya? I don't know but they better not!