Monday 12 March 2012


Yesterday was an unusually lazy day. It would almost have been quite lovely if I hadn't felt so bloody awful due to self-inflicted tequila nonsense on Saturday night. In a puddle of self-pity I idled all daylight hours lolling on our new corner sofa and playing the latest app fad, Draw Something. It's basically social Pictionary, and is completely addictive. I am terrible at drawing everything apart from animals. I'm lucky that my friends don't seem to mind.

Whilst lolling and doodling badly, I also (multitasker) managed to watch the Sabrina The Teenage Witch film, Take Me Out AND Take Me Out: The Gossip, 3 episodes of New Girl, 2 episodes of Breaking Bad and Steel Magnolias (in which I blubbed quite melodramtically all the way through the last half hour). I am unused to such indolence. I am certain my eyes are squarer than they were last week. My arse is definitely more numb.

I am hoping to be capable of intelligent thought again soon. My body might actually start to move around again too, although the prospect of leaving the comfort of my squishy sofa nest (embellished with blankets, duvets and a packet of chocolate Hobnobs) is giving me cold sweats.

Off to draw a walrus on a touchscreen. See you tomorrow.

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  1. I have just found this app. I'm appalling at drawing, and apparently my skills are not improved by use of a cracked touched screen.

    K x