Wednesday 21 March 2012

Fringe Benefits

HURRAH! Four weeks and two days after my last haircut, the fringe I asked for has finally grown into something approximating the correct length.

For the past month  (when my hair has been let loose from the Clip Of Shame) I have looked like this:

Let my story be a cautionary tale. If you spontaneously decide you want a fringe whilst "in the chair", do make sure your hairdresser is listening. Check also that she hasn't been out clubbing 24 hours straight before she picks up the shears. Finally, check she actually looks at the picture you're pointing to. Straight on. No cross-eyes.

 I was pointing to this:

Vicky B's snazzy new look. Before you make a joke - no I don't want to prance around in a swimming costume or attain the body of a13 year old. I JUST WANTED HER FRINGE. Was it too much to ask?

Dear reader, it probably was.
Anyway, now that it has grown a bit, I am contemplating letting it all hang out at last. I am very nearly almost pleased with it.

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