Friday 30 March 2012

First Dance Friday: Tatako!

"Shiawase nara te wo tatako! Shiawase nara te wo tatako!"

That's "if you're happy and you know it, clap your hands" in Japanese. About eight years ago the wacky individual who played bass in my band stood in the middle of our practice room and sang that, and clapped his hands. And then we named our band after it. Tatako - clap your hands.

Five years ago TO THE DAY I started going out with that silly, silly man. And now we are married.

It's a shame that after you get married, your "anniversary" shifts back to year zero, and you lose that old, significant date. March the 30th isn't our anniversary anymore, it's June the 4th. We'll probably forget March 30th soon enough. So it seemed fitting to mark it this year, and to do it on a First Dance Friday with the band that brought us together.

Here are some happy memories, and a very cheesy, uplifting pop-punk song for a sunny day:


  1. Happy anniversary Penny and Sam!
    I'm going to sing 'happy and you know it' all bloody day now.

  2. Penny, I loved watching this. It still pops up on my iPod Shuffle playlist every now and then and always makes me smile. I really love the final refrain "Don't let them bring you down", believe it or not this often pops into my head when bozos at work are really giving me the shits!