Friday 25 November 2011

First Dance Friday: Loves Dirty Dancing

The film I mean, not the act of dirty dancing as your first dance. That would be awful.

Early on in mine and Sam's courtship, I remember being very impressed when (in a moment of drunk and impassioned loudness) he shouted out at somebody-or-other "Nobody puts Penny in the corner!". Always easily won over by knowledge of film quotes and anybody willing to stick up for me after a few pints, I also took this as evidence that the seemingly buffoonish Sam was actually completely in touch with his feminine side. Well! Thought I. This new man of mine LOVES the chick flicks and he's not shy about showing it!

Years later I came to realise that Sam's ability to quote from Dirty Dancing and a number of other films (Pretty Woman, Beauty & The Beast and virtually all of Greases 1 & 2 word for word) was a direct result of growing up with three younger sisters who played all of the above on an endless loop until he left home. But never mind. I'm just happy he's always up for watching Legally Blonde whenever it's on TV and will happily prance around the front room with me going "Bend.... and SNAP!"

Can somebody take me to see the show? PLEASE?

When I was thinking of music for the wedding, the Dirty Dancing soundtrack was never far from my mind. Every song is a crowd pleaser - classic because they're originally 60s, but also nostalgic because they hold 90s memories for most of us too. And every song now makes me think of Sam.

I went right up to two weeks before the wedding (when I switched to Hall & Oates) intending to walk up the aisle to this:

WHAT A SONG! That strident opening beat, the way the song just explodes into life, no let-up, just a few lines of verse, that brilliant lift in the bridge and then - WHAM! - a perfect girl group chorus. The mahoosive Spector production actually makes it quite a statement song, great for an entrance but also perfect for a first dance - it's nice and short too. Not one for the swayers - you might want to practice a few steps.

There are a few weddings this weekend, hugest of good lucks to Linsey and also to my lovely friends Ellie and Steve, who I can't wait to see first-dancing tomorrow (I predict Carrot Rope by Pavement). This wedding is going to be STYLING, so people get ready. The teacup candles and green shoes will finally be put into action!

Good weekends one and all, be sure to get your Pen Do requests in if you haven't already - closing date is Thursday 1st December. I'm already plotting our schedule, ladies....


  1. What Hall & Oates song did you walk down the aisle to?

  2. You Make My Dreams Come True. We LOVE H&O anyway but it has the added bonus of being featured in a film about 80s wedding bands (of which we are both in).


  3. Brilliant! We love a bit of H&O too - especially good driving music.

  4. Brian Wilson says he had to pull over his car the first time he heard Be My Baby on the radio. And that he's listened to it every day of his life since. Dunno what that adds to this discussion really, just thought I'd mention it!

  5. Oh I LOVE that Hall & Oates song

    And The Ronettes song is a favourite too. I love your first dance fridays!! :) (oh its monday, I'm behind)

  6. I know that I am supposed to be working and not going through your blog like a stalker to see anything I've missed, but my cover's blown now... so to make up for it, come to London and I'll take you to see Legally Blonde. I took Bex when she came, and she was very kind about me elbowing her and whispering 'get ready for this bit, it's great...'