Thursday 17 November 2011

Legging It

The great thing about the internet is that it gives a platform to so many voices talking about a multitude of things that really matter. Controversial political opinion, exposure of oppressive regimes, first-hand accounts of war zones. These are the blogs that will change history.

However, on THIS blog, today, we are going to talk about leggings.


I realise that leggings are not a significant or earth shattering part of many peoples' lives (potentially less than 50% of the country - although they're missing a trick if you ask me). In fact, I've heard they're more or less on their way out -if not actually, you know, OUT- in terms of fashion.

But for those of us who like to wear dresses on cold days, those who always ladder their tights, those who want to be a bit warmer under their trousers, or those who are fitness instructors and are starting to get seriously depressed about their lack of day-to-day style options, LEGGINGS are where it's at.

This is how I chill on my breaks. Flexible hamstrings, non?
You can wear socks with leggings. Big socks and chunky legwarmers that make you look like the lady in Flashdance. You can wear them under shorts (shhh, you can, you can) and not have to worry about the condition of your legs, or whether the hem of your shorts is going to ride up over the "acceptable" bit of thigh. If you wear leggings with a scandalously short dress or a tunic top, it becomes a decent and acceptable outfit. Because, you know, they're ALMOST trousers. But not quite.

Leggings love YOU. Leggings will not make your bottom itchy if you're sitting on a plastic seat for an extended period. Leggings are sporty - you can squat in them and they won't rip right across your arse like a certain pair of combat trousers I once owned. Leggings are cheap and they go with everything. That is, providing you keep your bottom tucked away under a long top/skirt/dress. So people don't burn their eyes when they look at your rear end. Just saying.

These bitches be STYLIN'! (sorry, I don't know what came over me there)

Sadly, their cheapness may well be their downfall. It is not in the fashion industry's interest to have us salivating at a £12 double pack of leggos from Peacocks when we ought to be desirous of £150 Jigsaw slacks. Leggings are not a luxury item, they are worn by people who don't have a lot of money (of which there are quite a few at the moment), and those people are not deemed to be stylish, and certainly not aspirational. But I am standing firm against the tide that threatens to wash away my leggy friends. Goddamit, I am going down with this 80% cotton/20% elastane ship.

And I am willing to explore a million different varieties of leggings in order to fend off the frump factor and keep my legs current....

Summer of Love? Summer of lovely legs more like, thanks Topshop...

....ASOS give us leggings with heart (too cute)....

.....drop boring black and go for the colour du jour with some cheeky burgundies from Miss Selfridge....

...and finally, why bother with long socks alone when you can have FULL LEG AND BUM WARMTH and the appearance of a Japanese schoolgirl with these knitted Fairisle lovelies from River Island.

Legging lovers of the world unite and take over! (but please don't buy any jeggings).


  1. Primark and Uniqlo both good for leggings at the moment too!

  2. Why don't we have a Uniqlo in Leeds? It's a travesty!

  3. Primark leggings always end up halfway down my arse, maybe more to do with my figure than their leggings?? New Look and Tesco are my favourites just now. As long as you remember the mantra - leggings are not trousers. Especially not those white ones worn with a cropped t-shirt I passed someone wearing the other week, bleuchh.
    And Glasgow has no Uniqlo either :(


    Sorry, just had to get that out. It's a bit of a style departure and I'm overexcited. I'm also wearing boots with a Real Life Heel, I'd probably look totes HAWT if I wasn't also wearing a rugby shirt.

    K x

    PS: leggings are on their way out? Better stock up before that happens... I can't go back to a world where I have to wear tights with dresses in winter and haul the fussed up from my knees every two minutes.

  5. Tesco is an untapped resource! I am going tomorrow.

    Katie, don't panic, I think we can stem the tide. GO SHORTS! And the rugby shirt. Loose fitting is the new tight.


  6. I love leggings. I wear them all the time! I love that it lets me wear my dresses into fall and winter. I have some neon pink ones that I wear under a mod sheath and I rock the heck out of it if I do say so myself. Comfort rules!

  7. I saw a woman yesterday wearing mustard leggings - with no pelmet (decided that's the word for skirt/shorts/dress over your bum) (actually The Man Repeller can take the credit for that).

    Anyway, suffice to say, it was BAD.

  8. And also - yes Uniqlo's the best for leggings. I'm glad there isn't one in Leeds though, because if there was I would have even less money, and my wardrobe would overspilling even more.

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  10. I completely agree that leggings are one of the comfortable pieces in women’s wardrobe. You can wear those for casual looks, for party and even for work outs as well as running a huge range of various errands. I recently bought patterned beyond yoga leggings and these are so cute for my upcoming family party on this weekend.