Friday 4 November 2011

First Dance Friday: Lady In Red

Oh he's not cool cool, but you can't deny his smooth 80s legacy and romantic groove. And Don't Pay The Ferryman is something of a tune, no? No? Just me then. We'll pretend I didn't say that.

Oh come ON, if we didn't have Chris De Burgh we would never have had the supremely eerie, universes colliding moment when he sang with his physical and vocal double Ian Moor on Stars In Their Eyes. The precise second it happened time actually wobbled, then a tiny fissure appeared in the surface of reality through which Matthew Kelly fell and never returned. The presenter you saw on TV after that point was a replicant manufactured by ITV's executive producers. Oh please, you knew that was a wig, right? Need I say more?

More to the point, this is my Mum and Step-dad's First Dance Song. I think. I was 10 and high on cake and confetti at the time, I may have hallucinated the whole thing, but I'm pretty sure they danced to Lady In Red. Even more sure than I am about the Matthew Kelly thing. And if my sugar-hazy memory is right (I can at least recollect  the sumptuous floral culottes I was wearing at the time...) then I'm pretty sure this was the first first dance I ever witnessed.

Happy birthday for tomorrow Mum, and congratulations again on 20 years since you danced to C d-B in our front room  xxx


  1. Hi P,
    Had to answer this one! As you know we are pushed to remember our wedding date so first dance is a complete blank for me. A thinks we might have tho - our song! Or it cud be a false memory brought on by years of having to listen to middle of the rd music in the car! xx

  2. OHMYGOOOOOD! This is a blast from the past. Do you recall the video intro 'This-Is-What-I-Do-For-A-Day- Job' clip of the voice-double bloke? He MIXED PAINT for a living! I remember it so vividly! I thought he was the sweetest man in the world. I had a crush on a Chris de Burgh singalike! Oh, I repulse myself.