Wednesday 9 November 2011

What Do You Do With A Dudhi?

Round up time! Unlike the popular television series Lost, I'm not going to draw you in with beginnings and leave you hanging. I've been talking a lot about starting things over the last few weeks, and not done any updates. Because I KNOW you're lying awake wondering what I've been doing with my days. It's definitely up there with those "what is life?" and "why is there a polar bear on the island?" kind of questions. So here's your round-up, so you can sleep easy again.

Rave School... awesome. I've gone from getting very frustrated with turntables, to being mildly competent on the Vestax CDJs, to moving to Pioneers and actually being pretty good. Now I have the lofty privilege of being the only student to graduate to Ableton Live, which not only means I don't have to talk to the other fruitcakes on the course, it also means I can leave early as I only have a laptop to switch off and put away. And (I like to think) I'm teacher's pet again. Of course.


....I picked my teacher badly. After 15 years of not playing my sax and not reading ANY sheet music, in Friday's lesson I was immediately sight-reading really difficult stuff and sent away with a 10 minute grade 7 piece as homework. I STILL DON'T KNOW HOW TO PLAY A G#. Feeling a bit burned, I sulked off to Music Room, where I bought a nicely intermediate book of jazz solos so I can sit at home and try and work the basics out for myself. Maybe in a month or so I'll have another go at lessons.

Christmas Crafts...

....have been sidelined due to my newly crazy work schedule and a desperate bid to get another job and not lose my mind. But they will be back, oh yes, in a last minute flurry of December madness. And there WILL be marmalade.

The Pen Do.... the 25th of February. Keep the date free. I'll do an official post next week.

....and finally

This is a dudhi. YES. A dudhi. We found it in our ridiculous Morrisons (which also has a chocolate fountain and truffles and banks of weird vegetables being breathed on by weird sci-fi misting devices). I am going to make something with it tonight. And tomorrow I am going to tell you what you do with a dudhi.

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