Wednesday 21 December 2011

My Armies: Now Recruiting

Thanks to my friend Katie, I have recently discovered the prodigiously successful and ludicrously cool Man Repeller blog. This is written by a funny (ha ha) American lady who has so little interest in dressing for the opposite sex that she actively seeks to repel with increasingly fabulous fashion forays (see: harem pants, wedge shoe boots, epic layering) that the straight boys JUST DON'T GET.

Thanks to this corner of the fash-web, I have realised that we can all take yet another step towards the beloved 90s in layering not just your CLOTHES but also your ARM-WEAR. M.R excitedly refers to this as an "arm party", a place where all bangles and wrist adornments can hang out together and swap stories about studs, skulls and braided leather. And maybe drink some Dubonnet. Or whatever bangles drink.

Sounds pretty good, yes?

OK so if you don't write an awesomely succesful trend-zone of a blog, you might have trouble accumluating the necessary designer spangles to cover the whole area from your wrist to your elbow (which, as we all know from Pretty Woman, is the same size as your foot - go on, try it). So I have recently been trucking round shops Christmas shopping with a little voice inside my head quietly chanting "arm party, arm party, arm party" in a bid to be on constant alert for SUPERcheap trinkets with which to deck my armies. Also raiding my jewellery tangle (there is no box) to see if I can extricate any old necklaces or such to use.

So far we have:

Sam thinks is the grungiest thing since the last time he wore black jeans under his ripped blue jeans. Which is a great thing.

I know it looks a mess already, and I intend to take it beyond messy into ridiculous style statement. Any good tips for cheap arm adorners on the high street? Primark and Claire's have had the best yield so far - mid range high street just don't seem to "get" this thing yet (apart from Topshop - awash with luxe punk studs), and low end are still selling rubber bands to goths so generally a much better bet. Let's take my arms from Nottingham Rock City chic and into a work of couture art!

What have your armies got on today?


  1. ha! I knew you'd like it. The Arm Party is my favourite part of the Man Repeller look but alas I only have a total of six bangles, which doesn't really do the trick. I hadn't actually got to the point of going out and buying some more - don't know why!
    I love that one of those tiny cheap looking skull bracelets costs hundreds of dollars.

  2. I used to read the Man Repeller and loved it, but I stopped for some reason - I think I'm just ultimately not that into harem pants. Socks and sandals I can get behind, though. And I LOVE the arm party thing. Fashion blogs tend to hold my attention for a little while, but then the lack of personal connection eventually loses my attention. I usually have one on the go though - at the moment it's Atlantic Pacific, which is a bit wanky but she has a marginally more understated take on the arm party that I love.