Thursday 8 December 2011

All Tomorrow's Parties

It's finally here!

Today Sam and I are driving all the way to Minehead to luxuriate at Butlins for a weekend of terribly exciting music. Not only have I never been to a winter music festival before, I've never been to a proper holiday camp (I don't think Center Parcs counts - far too middle class and I only went for the day). I am tempted to take a glockenspiel to wake up Sam with  every morning.

Good morning Campers!

The prospect of being at a festival where you can actually plug your phone in is filling me with excitement. I can take a large suitcase full of belongings and not have to worry about carrying it above my head through waist-deep mud for miles on end, like some sort of indie-pop tribeswoman. I can wheel it on its wheels, like a normal person.

I can take my hairdryer. The laptop. We can take the toastie machine!!!

And although there are many, many bands I'm excited about seeing, I can't deny that the mini-golf could well be the pinacle of my weekend. And the water flume.

I am also participating in the Nightmare Before Christmas Big Pretentious Mix CD Swap. This is exactly what it says on the tin-a load of poseur bell-ends like me trying to feel superior about having heard of more obscure bands than everybody else in the whole world ever. With irony. Of course.

Bad Penny will naturally rattle on in my absence, so be sure to come back for an ATP-friendly First Dance Friday tomorrow, and some hungover, braindead nonsense on Monday.

In the meantime, here is a track by an artist playing tomorrow night who I am very, very excited about seeing. Her name is Marnie Stern, and she shreds like a motherfucker.

Sound the girl-crush klaxon!


  1. Love Marnie Stern. Have you heard her Journey cover? It is amazing:

    Also, if you get the chance and you want your face melting, go and check out Hot Snakes. john Reis is my all-time ultimate guitar hero:

    I'm seeing them at the Brudenell on Monday and I can't fucking wait!

  2. Awesome marnie link, thanks!! Have only just discovered her, so impressed. have seen hot snakes 4 times now, supported them once-pretty much my favourite band! Very excited about the reformation...just need jehu to reform now....