Friday 2 December 2011

First Dance Friday: Loves Covers You Thought Were Originals

Sometimes it's nice to be just a little bit clever with your first dance. Choose something kitsch and make it into an all-ages, crowd-pleasing classic.

So it's nice to learn that Tiffany wasn't the first to warble all over this number. Better yet, the 1967 original is more hilarious and brilliant than you ever dared to dream (Wikipedia has it filed under "psychedelic rock" - as if you needed any more reason to press play).

Seriously. They need to make another Austin Powers film purely so they can put this on the soundtrack.

Listen to it twice and you'll forget the 80s even existed.

1 comment:

  1. I love it when I find the original versions of songs. I'm so adding this to our 'random car songs' usb.

    Other favourites include the Dancing in the Moonlight (which has an awesome woo-woo in it), It Only Takes A Minute, and Keep Me Hanging On.