Thursday 16 August 2012

First Day

This is what I look like now:


  • My new team are very nice
  • There is a new girl starting at the same time who sits next to me
  • She likes to tell me about how much better her last job was
  • I'm not sure how long she'll stay here for
  • I got to do some writing-y things already which was quite creative but-
  • -insurance is incredibly dull and I don't understand it yet
  • I fear the more I understand, the duller it will become
  • However I'm still managing to write about insurance that I don't understand and nobody seems to notice or mind that I'm making it up
  • Apparently making it up is still better than how it was before, because now it sounds pretty
  • Not sure how long I'll get away with that then
  • And I forgot my brolly and had to walk home in the rain with one shoe



  1. I can confirm that insurance is dull. Somehow you kind of get sucked into geeking out in meetings over it though. Soon you won't even recognise who you are :)

  2. Walking home in the rain with one shoe? That requires further explanation... Glad you're enjoying the new job though!

  3. Making insurance pretty sounds like very important work. Anything to make reading my documents less tiresome gets my vote!

  4. One shoe?? Other new girl sounds a bit...hmmm maybe she's nervous / shy?!? Anyone wearing anything non conformist today? x

  5. I get annoyed when people put down their job at work. I worked with someone who always told me how much she hated working there but had no plans to leave. I meanwhile, was not fond of the job, but liked the people and never moaned but then upped sticks and moved to London where I eventually found a job I love. Simple.