Friday 24 August 2012

First Dance Friday: What's Your Song House?

I read this article on AV Club a while ago about Song Houses.

Song Houses are basically songs you want to live inside. Songs that give you a special sort of feeling (NO not a sexy one, a special one, put your trousers back on), a feeling maybe like you've heard them somewhere before, or maybe that they've always existed somewhere in your brain and one day you found a secret door behind a hedge and you opened it and there it was, it was there all along.

Song Houses are not necessarily the greatest songs, or the most exciting, or the coolest. But they are songs that evoke an emotional response in you that's quite profound, and you just have no idea why.

This is my Song House at the moment:

M83 are one of those bands whose songs are a patchwork of nostalgic references that you can't quite put your finger on, so they are a good place to find a Song House for me. Listening to this song in particular seems to take me away to the 1980s, sitting in the back of the car, watching trees whizz by on a sunny day. It makes me think of twilight in the city, lights on in the windows of houses, people safe and warm inside. It might be because it sounds like the sort of song that would be on the football results on telly on a Sunday afternoon when I was little, and that makes me think of dusk and being in my Dad's front room getting ready to go back to my Mum's house.

Other Song Houses I have include Blowout by Radiohead, Let It Come by Hot Snakes, Pools In Eyes by Throwing Muses, Stinkfist by Tool and, bizarrely, Black Velvet by Alannah Miles. Mean and moody for me, but Song Houses can be jolly too - most of the AV staff writers choices involve deliriously happy songs.

What's your Song House?


  1. I LOVE this idea. Thank you for sharing it.

    I used to have "You do something to me" by Paul Weller as a song house as it sounded so sunny and chilled and full of love. A fair few Radiohead songs fill that now. I could live in King of Limbs.

    I find Phoenix do lots ofsongs that trigger my nostalgia for being a kid and feeling content and I think there are probably songs from when I was wee that will do that too, as they take me back to a different time.

    I bet I think of more after I submit this comment but yes. Love this.

    1. I totally hear you on Phoenix! Love that band.


  2. Oh that video is so going to be us at ODP!! :D