Tuesday 31 January 2012

Still Feverish?

My body having ejected everything I'd tried to put in it for the past three days, I was yesterday resigned to a weird twilight world of tripped-out low blood sugar braindeath. It would almost have been nice, if I hadn't felt like I'd swallowed a cactus.

In a stupor, I spent the whole day wondering if I should dye my hair lilac.

Am I too old for this shit? Am I still delirious?

A little better today, and half a stone lighter.*waves slightly pathetic consolation prize*


  1. no! not too old! it would look awesome. i hope you feel well again soon penny! xxx

  2. Yeah never too old to dye hair silly colours. get better you! x

  3. I say yes please die it lilac!! but don't blame me if I stroke it at Pendo, because you'll be so like a my little pony that I won't be able to resist. That's a compliment btw

  4. It is definitely a possibility for the Pen Do.... if only so I can be your Sparkle-Pony, Gemma. Am a little worried that it won't work as well with my colouring... don't blue tones work really badly with cool toned skin?


  5. I've been feverish too (can one spread the flu through blogs??) but I did not have any fever dreams as cool as purple hair (no you're not too old!). I hope you are feeling better!!