Wednesday 11 January 2012

Spooky The Destroyer

It really is nature over nurture with cats, isn't it?

We have our little angel boy Granville, who just wants cuddles and lies around all day like an old hippy.

Hatha yoga cat

And then we have Spooky-kitten, who seems to be getting crazier by the day. Her best hobby is to climb up on any surface (coffee table, cabinets, dining table and more) and bat at everything until it falls onto the floor, whereupon she loses interest and wanders off. We can no longer have ornaments unless they are nailed down, and I'm permanently sweeping up. Cards on the mantlepiece this Christmas? Not a chance - every time we put any up she just marched up and down until they were all on the floor. She finds bits of STUFF everywhere - even when the house is immaculate, she'll dig out a bottle top or button from somewhere and prance around with it, or better yet, clatter around with it on the floor. And then abandon it on the stairs, and watch while we trip over it. Health and safety, Spooks!


And although she's a very happy, purring cat who seems to enjoy the company of humans (we feed her after all), she won't sit on laps, and any attempt to pick her up is met with fraught struggles and squeaking. We thought she'd get used to it, but after 4 months of living with us, she's just not into snuggles. She'd much rather be causing chaos.

Heading straight for the tights
Being allowed out of the house (a new development) is not calming her down either. Her frankly gung-ho attitude in the house vanishes once she's taken outside - she turns into a quivering wreck, hiding under a bit of wood in the yard until she plucks up the courage to scuttle back indoors. Left unattended it's as much as she can do to stand with her head out of the catflap and her body safely inside, scanning the yard for a few minutes before she decides it's all a terrible idea and that she'd much rather be inside knocking things off the coffee table again.

 Christmas tree while there was one decoration left up - not for long...

She's still only 7 months old, but will our little force of nature ever actually calm down? Poor Granville keeps looking at us like "I KNEW this was a stupid idea! Look what she's done!". Poor lad - she's always pushing him away from his food bowl to eat his biscuits.

Look how CUTE she is though.

I swear she knows she can get away with it.

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  1. Well, I managed to listen to you live after working out the time difference. You sounded great! I'd definitely be at the next session if I wasn't half a world away, especially if you play me some Ramones. So, good job, and I hope the advertising does you some good!