Tuesday 10 January 2012

Radio P-Face

Ladies and gents, fame is imminent! Tomorrow morning I am (ERK) going to be on BBC Radio Leeds Breakfast show talking about Aerockbics. This is extremely exciting. I am something of a blabbermouth (you may have noticed this) and I’m dying to get the word out about Aerockbics in the hope of potentially going back to two classes a week, and  then, ideally, taking over the world.

My last experience of radio was doing the Degenerations Records show on LSRFM (university radio station) with my friend Rayne. We must have spouted a load of drivel -most of it I was probably responsible for- and played a lot of punk rock. It was mint. I don’t think anyone listened to it. Apart from my then-boyfriend who would drop me off at the station with a load of CDs and then rush back to his halls to press his ear up against the stereo and listen to us through hissing static. Maybe. He said he did anyway. He might have been joking.
I’ve always thought of radio as a very professional medium. I think this is what happens when you work in television for seven years- telly programmes all start to look like a load of people messing around who don‘t really know what they‘re doing. But radio? Radio is PROPER. One day I was in the hairdressers and screamed and jumped out of my seat when I heard my friend Katie reading the local news bulletin (which is what she does for a living, so I don’t know why I was so surprised). "How did Katie get into the radio?" thought my tiny brain. "it’s like she’s in the room with us - BUT SHE ISN’T!"


 I also had quite a traumatic experience with radio when I landed a work experience placement interview at Radio 4 for  uber-clever-clogs investigative journalism report File On Four. I can’t remember who swung me this, but needless to say I totally blew it, in spite of diligently reading the newspapers for at least two days beforehand.  The interviewer was a highly intimidating individual who clearly had  no truck with media-related degrees, work experience placements and certainly not scruffy students who got their daily news fix from Fracture Fanzine. He tore me to bits and I cried all the way home.

Anyway, I am hoping tomorrow morning is a succes in that A. people listen to it and B. Nobody makes me cry. You can help me out with both of these aims by listening (if you’d like) on 92.4 FM, or if you don’t live in Leeds you can catch it on DAB, or online here . I'm going to be on air at 8:45am.

You can then avoid making me cry by not telling me how stupid I sound. Thanks!


  1. Hey Penny, I've just worked out I can listen afterwards via the Radio Player online because it looks like the soundtrack of the show is available for 7 days. Let us know what time you're on so we can easily find you in the two-and-a-half hour show!

  2. Hi Andrew - eek listening all the way from Oz! I'll be on at 8.45 so right in the last 10-15 mins of the show.