Tuesday 20 September 2011

The Patter Of Tiny Paws....

Introducing the new addition to the family....


After months and months of talking about it, we've taken the plunge and given a home to another rescue kitten. There were so many heart-meltingly adorable cats at the RSPCA, and our only specification was to find a young female. We already have our six year old boy cat, Granville, and this was apparently our best bet of finding a catbuddy he'll get on with.

Sam was very gracious and let me pick her.... and as soon as I saw her tiny face peering at me with her big curious owl eyes and little smudged nose I knew she was our cat. She was very chilled when we first got her home, but over the last couple of days she's turned into a total nutcase with a penchant for jumping out on us dramatically (if she had a cape, she'd swoosh it). I've never seen a cat move like it, she bounces like a spider pounces - all four paws at once, boing, boing, boing. Despite being a crazypants, she is incredibly affectionate, loves to cuddle up and purrs at a deafening, outboard motor volume. Happily she is totally fearless in the face of her new big brother, who she keeps chasing around. Granville is yet to be convinced, but we hear it will take time...

She doesn't have a name yet, we keep trying things out to see what fits. We've gone through Zsa Zsa, Elfie, Snarf and Chaka Khan.... but I like Spooky best so far. She loves to stare at everyone with her big round ghost eyes and can't stop chewing on our broom, so she must be a witch's cat, right?

Look into my eeeeeyes.....


  1. As someone who currently has an excess of pregnancy hormones, as well as having a cat in quarantine, I may not be the least biased person ever, but seriously?! That cat?! I want to eat it. And smoosh it. And tickle its tummy continually.

    Oh, and Spooky is a perfect name. J'adore.

  2. Clare, our 20 week pregnant friend came round just as we got kitty home and witnessed the whole "oooh I'm hiding, I'm so shy, now I'm peeping at you from behind the sofa, now I'm coming out to play" phase.... there was very nearly actual sobbing over preposterous level of cuteness!


  3. I want a pupppppppppy...


  4. Cuuuuutttteee! I love Spooky. And I want a kitty SO BAD but I can't get one until all my kids are potty trained. I already have way too many butts to clean up after as it is.