Monday 26 September 2011

Conjugal Ink

A lovely (bitterly short due to working on Saturday, but still...) weekend had, featuring a housewarming party, a visit from my Mum for fancy champagne afternoon tea, and finally getting Sam's rather unusual birthday present from Black Crown Tattoo ......

Welcome the wedding tattoo! Yes, that is Sam's hairy leg and not mine.

And no, it's not his phone number in case he gets lost (although that might be useful), it's our wedding anniversary in Unix timestamp. For those of you unversed in web geekery, this is the number of seconds that have elapsed since 1st January 1970, and lots of things you use every day during your internetting will use the same system to measure time. Really! The mysteries of computerworld.

Having a Unix tattoo is possibly one of the nerdiest things I have ever seen, just like my husband (who also has a binary tattoo on his calf, and clearly needed to go one better this time), and it's also sort of sweet. Romantic declarations via tattoo do sort of make me a bit anxious - you must remember Johnny Depp's "Winona" ink incident (inkident?) - but Sam has reassured me he can always pretend it means something else. Or just get it covered with an enormous AC/DC lightning bolt. So that's OK.

And before you ask - nope, I'm still firmly in the felt tip tattoo camp. Getting married is quite enough commitment for now.

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