Tuesday 27 September 2011

Come As You Are

It's been creeping up on us for some time, but this season it's official: Grunge fashion is back.

Channelling Blossom

In magazines, on the telly, and in on your local high street, you can’t move for quilted lumberjack items and massive floppy jumpers. I’ve seen more pixie crops in the last month than I have since Girl Interrupted came out, and wearing a moth-addled cardigan over a pretty slip dress is suddenly (gloriously) acceptable. And round sunglasses! So edgy! No longer what you wear on school trips circa 1994. Mad for it.

 "Oooh, there's a Dieter Brummer poster in this ish!"

This is very exciting. I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to resurrect this look ever since…. Oh, let’s be honest I never really stopped wearing it. But finally my hoarding tendencies have been rewarded, I can dust off my grandad collar longsleeves, babydoll dresses and beanie hats, and fully indulge my layering fetish.

Other things from the 90s I would like back now please….

-Heartbreak High
-Coffee Shimmer
-Thursday night TOTP
-Pretzel Flipz
-The Big Breakfast
-Just 17 style Does He Fancy You quizzes (phwoaaaar)
-both Sister Act films
-Amanda de Cadenet

Now, that fashion rule that says if you remember it first time round, you’ll look silly doing it again....it doesn't count if you never stopped, right? Right?

all images: Elle magazine


  1. I've just found my docs that I've had since about 1995, and I've been eyeing up slouchy jumpers recently, I LOVE the return of grunge! Wonder if we could get Rimmel to start making black cherry lipstick again to complete the look?!

  2. Oooh I remember black cherry! I did notice dark lips making a bit of a comeback in a catwalk beauty feature I read this week too, eep, you never know.... I'm jealous, I wish I could find my Docs! Floppy jumpers, sleeves over hands, AMAZING.


  3. Heartbreak High! I was more of a Fudge Brownie Rimmel girl. Oh my God, the nostalgia...

  4. FUDGE BROWNIE! That was the one I had too. I was definitely all about the shimmery browns. Ahhhh....with a squirt of White Musk, my massive specs and frizzy hair, I was totally hot stuff.


  5. Heartbreak High and Pretzel Flipz, what a combo! M&S have started doing chocolate covered pretzels.

    I was always more of a No 17 Heatherberry girl myself though.

  6. Rimmel Fudge Brownie and Coffee Shimmer ;)


    I lost my Docs somewhere between 1997 and now... who know where or when. They were green with bright laces and my friend Hannah and a blue pair... and... get this, we used to wear one of the others...I was going to say we thought we were cool, but actually we never did. She's far cooler now. (not me... I moved to the South West then Wales, She moved to that there London)

  7. Oh my.... I'm going straight to M&S to fill my boots with chocolate pretzels!

    Abi, my docs were green too with fancy laces... maybe the green ones all disintegrated after 1997???


  8. I've dusted off my DVD of "my so called life" god I wished I was her! The fashion,the hair, the cool gay best friend, the wild drunk best girlfriend and the heart melting sexy boyfriend jared leto.......