Friday 2 September 2011

First Dance Friday: Short & Sweet

Fabulous song, beautifully simple and (more importantly) only 1:48 long. Perfect for anybody bashful about awkward shuffling for any longer than necessary....

If you're not familiar with Big Star, I really recommend sorting that out. They were catalytic to the US power-pop movement in the 80s, and their sound influenced a boatload of other amazing bands, including The Replacements (who are still, in my mind, one of the greatest bands of all  time). They have classic, radio-friendly song-writing that somehow avoids drifting into the realms of commercial blandness.

They are the Beatles for people who are too cool for the Beatles.

Sam rejected this one as it sounded like an unrequited love song. I say whaaa, am I NOT the finest girl in the world??? Pssshhh.

In other news, I managed to lose half a tooth last night (just crumbled away - disgusting - don't drink Diet Coke EVER) and our band are off to Wales for the weekend to play music, charity shop and walk up Pen Y Fan in the rain.

All feels like getting old....

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