Thursday 17 May 2012

Thursday Thought Fluff

Today I am frazzled, having come to the end of two weeks of writing deadlines. My usual desire to drivel on at you has been utterly run through the mangle.

Thoughts today...
  • I'm going on a self-imposed exclamation mark ban, having glanced at my feed on Twitter and noticed I permanently sound like an over-caffeinated 8 year old.
  • I have a weekend stretching ahead with very little to do in it. What free things do you do when bare of pocket? It must involve spending less than £5.
  • I am 150 pages away from finishing Anna Karenina. I am hoping for a zombie apocalypse at the end.On the plus side, it will make a very useful doorstop when I've finished it.
  • It is three weeks away from our first wedding anniversary. THREE WEEKS. What can I do as a present? Must cost less than £5, see above. 
  • I wrote about the Live At Leeds Unconference for the Culture Vulture here. I recommend reading it if you are in any way involved in new music. It was a great event, even if it did make me feel very old and uncool...
  • ...and my latest record reviews for Florence Finds are here . My favourites this month are Jack White and Ellen & The Escapades. It's an Americana kind of month.
  • Finally, husband has returned from the Wakefield gig triumphant, but without a three-album deal for Retarded Fish. This is good news for anyone who didn't wish to see him in his bloated, sequinned jumpsuit wearing phase (although there is still time for a Dugong reunion I suppose).
That's all for today. If you know anybody who needs anything writing, I will do it in exchange for food/entertainment/small change. Love you all, little horsies.


  1. First wedding anniversary is paper - I'd recommend a book with a nice wee message written inside.

    Or a wee drawing if you're that way inclined...

    Both cheap, cheerful, personalised and, if you opt for the drawing, provide some cheap weekend entertainment activities :) xx

    1. I love the drawing idea...might implement it as an activity seeing as Sam likes to show off about his creative abilities even more than I do...


  2. My top tips are visiting your local library (realise how lucky I am to have this..hope you do too) visit local park and take a picnic, maybe using the £5 budget to buy a fun food item or two...browse around your local charity shops for a punt on a cd or dvd that will while away a few hours..

    Think suggestion of book with personalised message is a lovely one. Also what about making one of those origami finger things that we had at school and under each flap was a prediction? You could make one full of plans/wishes for your future together xx

    1. Argh I remember those! Ok am formulating a plan now....great ideas guys, thankyou!


  3. Bollocks....exclamation marks....I have no self control....