Wednesday 30 May 2012


Today I've got a sad face, which is annoying because how upbeat was my post yesterday? Pretty chipper.

Yesterday I had one of those funny days when you try really hard to count your blessings, but there's no getting out from under that pesky raincloud.

Isn't being sad on the internet funny? You get so used to putting yourself all out there, and then all of a sudden you want to say something that isn't pithy or entertaining. It makes people uncomfortable to read it. What do you want them to do? Is saying it out loud a bit like asking for help? Maybe sometimes it is.

This time it isn't though. I am writing about my sad face because I don't have anything else in my head to write about, and it's filling me up like a gassy burp that needs to come out. So pardon me while I burp, and then please do go about your day.

Here are some things I wrote on the lately which are happy:



  1. Oh sad-face Penny, I am sending you the hugest hug. You are too brilliant for words, hang in there.

    I am also employing you from here-on-in as my official lifestyle guru and sanity restorer. Your words always cut through the nerves and the fear, and bring me back to myself and to the important things, the freaking JOY and the love and the forever. So, THANK YOU.

    K xxx