Monday 21 May 2012

Leeds Love

Is it me, or is there suddenly almost TOO much stuff to do in Leeds? I have been pleasantly frazzled by a weekend of gigs (Milk Music and Sharon Van Etten), tramping around Temple Newsam trying to pin down the Race For Life route, eating cake at the People Of Leeds rotation curation party, and then exploring art installations under the Dark Arches as part of Overworlds & Underworlds.

All this and I still managed to fit in going to Hannah's to bitch about watch The Voice, go to Spin, make two different kinds of flavoured vodka (Werther's Originals & Fry's Chocolate Cream - OH YES) and drive all the way to Sheffield to get Sam a new car. The man we bought the car off had this coffee table:
And he'd just bought himself a white Mark 1 MR2, which (in case you were interested) is my dream car. We had to leave promptly as I was in danger of dribbling on all of his possessions. Sam's new wheels aren't quite as exciting as that, but they'll get him to work in minimal style while he tries to breathe life back into the Sunny.

I will leave you with a picture of the beautiful People Of Leeds pavlova (photo courtesy of @MissPembers who is People Of Leeds this week)


How about you - eat any cake this weekend? Go to any artistic interpretations of a journey along the River Styx? Go to a house with a giant Rubiks cube in it?


  1. I don't understand that pavlova - does it have a layer of meringue underneath the vast quantities of cream?

    I ate vast quantities of cake this weekend. cake in Leeds, cake in Whitby, cake in Flamborough, and cake that I bought in Flamborough back in Leeds.

    Good weekend.

    1. Yes... I'm not sure it technically qualifies as pavlova, but people of leeds pavlova sounds better than people of Leeds meringue-with-cream-on-top.

      Your weekend looked amazing.