Friday 4 May 2012

First Dance Friday: The Birthday Party Edition

It's the Bank Holiday weekend! Outraged that I was initially expected to work, I have stamped my feet and managed to get May Day off. And now my client has cancelled her session today, so effectively I'm on a four day weekend.


I'm in a particularly chipper mood because Penny & The Sausages are playing an extremely rare Leeds gig at the Adelphi tomorrow night, in honour of our friend (also called Penny) and her 30th birthday celebrations. It's a 20s/30s fancy dress theme, and rather than flouncing about in a frock I'm going to get suited, booted, braced and cravatted with the boys. I'm especially excited about twatting about with my cane (sorry in advance if you're there and I poke you in the eye - I'm envisioning some Freddie Mercury-style posturing). So if you're in the area, come and say hi! We're on from 9 until 10, and will be playing many excellent party anthems, including this one:

Will post pictorial evidence of me looking stupid next week, so you've got something to look forward to there.

Are you jammy enough to be enjoying a long weekend? Whatcha doing then?


  1. Would love to hear / see your version of this song!!

  2. ahhh I would also love to have heard your version, I hope the party was MEGA! (yes doing my monthly or so catch up on your blog, expect comments...) xx