Monday 16 July 2012

A Walk In The Countryside

I won't take anybody moaning about the weather to me whilst I'm working on reception today. This weekend was decent.

Yesterday Sam, Ellie and I took a spin past the Emmerdale village and out to Eccup. We spent a a pleasant hour and a half trotting around the reservoir, admiring foxgloves, a palomino pony, a majestic red kite and an unspecified field mammal (maybe a stoat?) scuttling into the bushes with its dinner in its mouth.

It continually astounds me that you can get in the car and drive in any direction out of Leeds for 15 minutes and be in beautiful countryside. Did I bleat last weekend that I wanted to move to Manchester? I take it back.

I'm reading Alan Bennett's Untold Stories at the moment, and feel an inner glow every time he mentions familiar bits of Leeds (which is a lot). He grew up in the house just a few doors down to us, on the same street in Armley. They should have a blue plaque up, I reckon.

Proper mucky Leeds, right in the middle of proper blindingly beautiful Yorkshire.

I love it here.

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  1. LOVE Untold Stories. I love it when he writes about wandering around Leeds, too, and I realise I know exactly where he's on about. I've done a lot of Leeds-wandering. That book is AWESOME, in fact-let me know what's you think of it when you're done. Enjoy!