Wednesday 4 July 2012

Things I Miss About Working In An Office...

  • Being able to remember everyone's name
  • Having a working wardrobe that doesn't involve fleece or name badges
  • Christmas parties
  • Having a water cooler moment about last night's telly
  • Football tournament sweepstakes
  • Only getting into the car twice a day
  • Having someone to tell me how to fix things when they break
  • Knowing how everybody has their tea
  • Asking somebody how their weekend was and having somebody ask me back. In fact, having somebody ask about my life or me at all, ever.
(I don't miss meetings yet... but maybe after another year of this I will)

I am going into an office today to do some work. It's the first time in over three years I have done this. I am hoping it goes well. Maybe I will be asked back another day to do some more...


  1. I miss all these things about my old office. I much prefer the work part of my new job but I can go for days in this wee office by myself without even seeing anyone. My 30th birthday was spent alone in this office when in my old one I would've had poorly concealed 'surprise' cake. Party for one...

    1. Party for one? I once worked somewhere, where, because I organised the cake for everyone else, no one organised the cake for me. They completely forgot my birthday and wondered why I seemed a bit miffed.

      I have an office to myself now. I like it. I hope, if you miss office life, that you can get more office time back. Offices can be ace. I've always loved people making me cups of tea - that is a favourite part, as is the long walk off to make tea for everyone feeling like "helping" rather than "avoiding work"