Wednesday 11 July 2012

Ode To Chris Packham

Oh Chris Packham, with your spiky hair and enthusiasm for the natural world!

Then:  Really Wild Hair

I always knew you were awesome, even in 1987 on The Really Wild Show when I was too young to understand how my feelings for you differed from those I had towards the equally boffinacious but not quite as sexually magnetic Terry Nutkins.

Now I see you've spoken to hipster music coven The Quietus about you favourite records. And you are a music geek too! Is this possible? I SWOON.

You describe how you spent the 80s balancing your time between ornithology and punk rock, you describe how much you love Copper Blue and the Kitchens Of Distinction, how you rate the Cocteau Twins even though they're rubbish live and you are even cool enough to confess to liking an uncool band (The Lightning Seeds) and then make that statement totally cool again by describing how you played Pure at your mum's funeral just so her pet poodles could howl along to it because it always used to make her laugh.

Now: handsome, with gannets

(in the next life - totally happening)


  1. Oh. That story about the poodles kills me.

    But he's never really done it for me, sorry P. Although there is always something attractive about someone who is really enthusiastic about something, even if it's ornithology.

    1. There is nothing wrong with ornithology! *quietly polishes YOC badge collection*


  2. Pure is ace. I remember seeing the video on the Chart Show on ITV. *faints with nostalgia*