Friday 27 July 2012

First Dance Friday: The Secret Song

It's the song you share that nobody else gives a shit about.

The one where you both know all the words to the rap in the middle, or you make the "widdle widdle" keyboard sound in the middle. Maybe you have a dance to it. Maybe you just finger-point.

Its the song that really should, by all rights, have been your first dance because it belongs to you two, but in the same way you own your stinky cat and your inefficient, overcomplicated microwave, nobody else gets it like you guys do.

If you'd had it as your first dance? The whole room would have gone "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?"

So you didn't.

It might be a TV theme, or an advert, a B-side, a novelty hit, or just some weird album track from a record you've listened to to death. Maybe it's something really obvious on the radio that you actually think is pretty terrible, but now it means something to you.

Tell me - what's your secret song?

 And do you remember ours? 

It's still a HUGE tune. HUGE.


  1. Our secret silly song was If I Had A Million Dollars by the Barenaked Ladies, I say was, it's not do secret anymore because we're the idiots who did actually choose their WTF song as their first dance. Cue 2 min of us on the dance floor singing to each other about monkeys, pre-packed bacon and fancy ketchup, surrounded by confused friends and relations. It was both ridiculous and amazing.

    We do also often do a killer duet Paradise by the Dashboard Light in the car.

    1. I think I love you! It's awesome that you had your secret silly song as your first dance. My best friend and I do a cracking Paradise by the Dashboard Light (she's Meat, I'm the girl). In fact I think we screeched it at each other at her wedding reception! If I ever get married I may have to follow your example & go the silly song route - its much more me than a slow dance!!

    2. Katie you win. That's just awesome. Love that song so much.

  2. We had "Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let is Snow" for our actual first dance. It would have been Don't Stop Believing but Glee ruined that and it became mega popular and therefore it got officially banned. It could have been any number of obscure Proclaimers songs but I think our secret song would have to be I Don't Know Much But I Know I Love You. Not because it's not a well known song, just because nobody apart from our old flatmate would get WHY we both belt out that song like we want to punish our vocal chords when it comes on. It would have made for some quite interesting photos...

    1. Our band used to do Don't Stop Believing until bloody Glee. Isn't it devastating! Would have been an awesome first Let It Snow though, you old romantics.


  3. Ours is theme from an american hero, we are having it at the end of our ceremony.

  4. We could not get "Let's Get Married" by the Proclaimers or "Greatest Day" by Take That out of our heads so we played both of those as the two songs before I walked down the aisle.

    We only had one of the obligatory Scottish wedding songs at our wedding (no Runrig I'm afraid) so an additional shot of the Proclaimers was very much needed!