Wednesday 25 April 2012

In Which East 17 Make A Soft Rock Comeback

I don't know what else to say really, but I thought you all needed this bringing to your attention.

Brian Harvey fans take note - the original East 17 singer will categorically NOT be joining the band in their latest reprisal. As if having Tony Mortimer punch him in the face wasn't enough - those horrible U2 chord progressions must have been the final nail in the coffin.

Picture yourself in 1994... Stay Another Day is playing in the school hall, the lights are dimmed and the boy you fancy hasn't asked you to dance at the Christmas disco even though you spent all last night threading hippy beads onto the laces of your bottle green docs and plaiting two bizarre rat-tails into the front of your hair. You weep into a cloud of Soft & Gentle (the purple one) and wonder if your life will always be this rubbish.

I'm here to tell you, Memory Girl, that it DOES get better. It gets better for all of us. But for East 17, I'm afraid the only way is down.


  1. Oh. my. actual. god. 1994, I'm 10. Samantha Butcher has lent me her cd single of 'It's alright.' I think the intro is the most dramatic and beautiful piece of music I have ever heard. I listen to it about 40 times in a row. I think I had repressed that memory due to discovering Radiohead shortly afterwards. Has it gotten better though? I still listen to songs that I love 40 times in a row...

  2. ps. Pen, tell me you have a photo of that ensemble? x

  3. The 90's seemed so normal and inoffensive at the time. How wrong we were.

  4. I just died laughing at this. What the hell was the deal with those plaits!! (my DM's were Purple)
    Lest we forget the wildy inappropriate Steam and Deep?!