Monday 30 April 2012

Earn Your Stripes

It was the clothes swap again this weekend! I only came away with one item this time (far too distracted by gossip about an exciting Aerockbics-related development), but it will be no surprise to anyone that it was something stripey.

I love stripes. I'm drawn to them like other people are drawn to sparkles or designer labels. I've tried to get into spots, but they're much too quirky for me. I've dabbled with leopard print, but I can tell it's just a passing fancy. I've tried flowers, paisley, bird motifs....all too sweet and cutesy. I'm just not a girlie girl. I'm a stripes girl, and that's that.


Stripes don't try hard. They're are a little bit new-wave, a little bit punk, a little bit nostalgic for what you got dressed in as a toddler in the early 80s. Stripes can be anything you want them to be. Monochrome and on a Breton top, they are chic and simple. Multicoloured on a pair of long socks they are a little bit nuts. It's a fine line (literally) between a executive's pinstripe and a Harajuku girl's candystripe. Stripes are railway lines, but they are also rainbows.

In the current print-happy fashion climate, I am merrily dabbling in an explosion of pattern and colour. But my stripes are for life.

Do you also have a slightly compulsive desire to buy clothes that all look a bit the same?

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  1. I think that stripes have been the one consistent part of my dressing over the years. Typing this whilst wearing a striped scarf.