Wednesday 29 February 2012

Magical Disappearing Day

Historically, I always think of the 29th of February as being a bit of a bonus, magical day. A day at the top of the Faraway Tree, where tea and cake is free, and we all wear spangly jumpsuits and ride unicorns through a forest made of rainbows. IT'S A DAY THAT IS NOT NORMALLY HERE. And then it is, and we are in it. I can't get my head around it.

On that note, I'd like to think if I was going to propose today, it would look a little bit like this:

 via The Guardian

Seriously though, I dare you to watch it all the way to the end without squirming.

Of course today is magical for another reason too - my friend Ellie was born on the 29th of February approximately twelvety-two years ago. Magic baby. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EL xxxx You get an extra special one this year!

Also, if you missed the Pen Do write-up on Any Other Wedding yesterday, check it here. Anna is just too lovely for words, I couldn't have described you all better. The wickedly funny Laura has also very accurately described the fear, joy and Blind-Date-ness of it all here, and the brilliant Bex is doing a two-parter (of course!) which starts today. Read all about it indeed - this makes me wish all my friends blogged. If you missed this one, you HAVE to come next time.



    Happy birthday to your magical friend! Here's to more faraway tree days! :D

  2. I'm now kind of sad that James didn't arrange that for me. I think I should demand a do-over.

  3. Happy birthday to your friend! I dedicated a photo to her and anyone born today on my blog. It intrigues me!! and I do have questions that need answering on that post should she have the inclination.

    (I was due to be born today too but escaped)

    The Pen do on AOW looks brilliant!