Tuesday 21 February 2012

Out With The Old...

.... in with the new.

I feel like I'm in a right transitional phase at the moment. There are so many new things happening that even when bits of my life feel grumbly and horrid there's always something lovely and new around the corner.

First off, a brand new human.

Two of our best friends now have a daughter. She is amazing. Although, if you want to hear a horror story about growing a monster truck in your tummy, just ask Suz. Her monster truck made her throw up every day for nine months.


Next off, a new job. Not for me (booooo) but for Sam, which is lucky, as he's being made redundant at the end of the month. Sam has worked from home for as long as I've known him, so for him to be in a real office with other people, doing real work, is going to be nuts. The cats and I are going to throw a party the minute he's out of the door.

New job also means.... new shoes! Because my husband understands that the best way to celebrate your own achievements is to buy your wife a present:

Finally there have been new grown-up people. I think you get to a certain age where you settle somewhere and sort of just stop meeting new faces, which I always think is a shame. I'm determined not to fall into this trap. At the weekend in Manchester I finally met the super-stylish Rebecca of Florence Finds, and at the Back To Basics exhibition viewing on Friday night I met the lovely Wendy who runs the Leeds Playlist. If you need some background music while you work, hop on over and see what it's all about -if you live in Leeds you can even contribute your own mix.  Already plotting my next one.

10 more new people to come in 4 short days....eeeee....


  1. Double eeee!

    I think you should do a post/email where you say 'These are the folk that are coming....these are their blogs/this is what I know about them...'

    A Who's Who of Pen Do, of sorts.

    For people like me who are, like, you know, maybe a little bit scared of all these uber-glam women who all seem to know each other already...

  2. Lauraa? Jeez. Ahem. Laura. Hello. I'm Laura.

  3. Great idea Laura - will do!