Tuesday 28 February 2012

Get Cape, Wear Cape, FLY!

That would be a purely figurative form of flight. A flight of style. Gwynnie has taken off from the dull, drippy, macrobiotic tarmac and blasted into the fashionista stratosphere.

I am hereby withdrawing my previous stance on Goopy Gwyneth (have you seen her lifestyle brand? Simper, simper, vomit) This is no frothy pink confection like the one she wore to the Oscars, that other time when she boo-hooed about winning, like a blubbing Sindy doll (albeit one styled by Ralph Lauren). This is a strong style statement, like the tough-girl leathery stuff she was prancing round in a few years ago. Every now and again El Paltrow just knocks it out of the park. And she's on it again, back in the game. She's cool. Whatever next?

Maybe she doesn't even like Coldplay. CAN YOU IMAGINE?

Anyway, I need a cape. Stat. What should I get?


  1. Ha! Now I'm really hoping that when they get divorced (they're slebs, it's gonna happen!) they have a massive ding dong ending with her publicly shouting "and just so you know your music makes my ears bleed & I'd rather throw myself under a bus than listen to that drivel anymore"! That would be awesome. Especially if she wore her cape at the time!

  2. That would be INSANE.

    It has to happen.