Monday 23 January 2012

Girl Crushes

A few things:

-M83 were amazing on Friday night

-the best thing about them was Morgan Kibby.

-I've got that disease now where I want to BE her.

I notice how the phrase "girl crush" has snuck into language, making a tag for something that existed before but was never fully explained or acknowledged. Women are sods for comparing ourselves to every female we've ever seen or met, so when we find somebody a bit cool or aspirational we have this bizarre tendency to go a bit gooey-eyed and silly over them. WHAT IS THAT ABOUT?

It must be born of the age of celebrity, because I never feel that way about girls I actually know in real life (you can love your friends but you can't really idolise them - that would be creepy). There's something that grows in that gap between the stage and the real world, where we just fill in all the blanks with a load of awesomeness and make these people into our ideal selves.

So I suppose that means our girl crushes say a lot about who we are, and who we'd like to be. Mine are nearly always musicians so wrapped up in what they're doing that they appear completely unaware of gender politics, or wanting to seem pretty, or basically anything apart from rocking out. They seem like normal people as well, unaffected, fallible (it was Kibby ballsing up a huge vocal part on Friday night and then laughing about it that did it for me - that and the frizzy-haired headbanging). They're funny and clever, and they're more bothered about being those things than whether their hair looks nice or what anyone thinks of them.


I am wondering slightly about whether I should get a blunt fringe now.

And a dress with floaty sleeves.

Must work on that leader-not-follower thing.


  1. Winona Ryder. Still. Since I was about 11! And also Nora in Pump Up the Volume for a couple of heady years back in the 90s!

  2. Pump Up The Volume! I need to watch that again. And Heathers. NOW.


  3. I still am 'meh' on M83... hells yeah about girl crushes though. I have about 10 or so at any one time...

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