Wednesday 4 January 2012


Really, it's quite simple. It's an aerobics class set to rock music.

12 months ago I devised and launched Aerockbics in Leeds, in a bid to bring together my two loves in life: fitness and awesome music.

Why is it that most aerobics classes have such excruciating soundtracks? I have worked in the industry for a few years now, and the only answer I can find is this: I'm the only instructor who loves rock music. It's the only rational explanation. As such, I felt it was my duty to bring exercise to other music lovers. Aerockbics was born.

Great music obviously includes spandex, so there's Def Leppard and Motley Crue as well as the Pixies and the Ramones. We do a mixture of choreographed tracks and toning floorwork, but even when you're working hard, your ears will be happy. There's a reason people want to bang their heads and mosh to this music without it ever getting boring or chore-like - IT IS EXCITING. It is aggressive. You will punch SO much harder to Slayer than you would if you were listening to "Club House Lite" (which is the mp3 CD that goes on every day at the gym I work at - *screams and bangs head against wall*).

Aerockbics has won many fans in the last 12 months we've been windmilling and floorpunching, but I'm aiming for 2012 being our best year yet.

 Wakefield roller derby practice taken over by Aerockbics last year

So, if you know anyone in Leeds who might be up for air-guitaring their way to fitness, please, please, send them our way....:

Wrangthorne Hall, Wednesdays 7pm. 
Still ONLY £3.50 in 
(I defy you to find a cheaper exercise class in Leeds!)

First class back tonight - ROCK!


  1. can you find someone to run the classes in London? I want to do this SO badly...

  2. I soooo soooo soooo wish I could do this with you! Heck I wish I could do this at all! I love rock music! I hate the techno crap that most fit classes use! Agggh - road trip to Leeds? ;) I love you for this.

  3. Gemma - I can't even find anyone who could cover my Leeds class, meaning holidays are highly traumatic and illness is not an option! Fitness instructors HATE good music :(

    Charlotte - Somewhere in a parallel universe I like to think you (and the gym buddies) are doing Aerockbics with me, and we're all wearing jumpsuits and mullet wigs *dreams*