Friday 14 October 2011

First Dance Friday: What's Wrong With Being Sexy?

Pop, indie, punk, folk, metal....these days first dance tracks are often chosen to reflect a couples' personal style more than anything else. It's getting less common to hear any that make a broader statement about love, let alone the 15 certificate urges that play a part in any courtship. So truly passionate, intense songs are often sidelined. Exposing the smouldering heart of your desire when everyone's already had too much sticky toffee pudding - well, the results might not be pretty. Ask yourself this: Do you really want your assembled cousins, nieces, nephews and colleagues to be gawping at you while you lock eyes with your lover, press your bodies close, and play a song about fancying the arse off each other?

Well, you shouldn't give a rosy shit. It's your wedding day. If you want to play Color Me Bad, then you damn well should.

This isn't Color Me Bad (for shame). The lyrics aren't even that raunchy. And it's by a doo-wop group from the 1950s. But it's seductive and hypnotic in a subtle way, and you could definitely use it without your Nanna's friend Mabel choking on her champers in a fit of the prudes. It's not just about love, it's about infatuation - that first loss of control.

It's a terrific first dance song. I'm dying for somebody to request it in the band, because I have always, always wanted to sing this one.

Failing that, anything by Prince.

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