Friday 7 October 2011

First Dance Friday: Boy Meets Girl

Sam and I have a love of 80s pop music that goes beyond conventional revivalism. A synth hook and bubblegum vocals, and we're all over it like wet-look gel on a Smash Hits cover star. We met in a band that played songs I mostly wrote, which mostly ripped off Kim Wilde, and now we're in our very own (very amazing) 80s party covers band. Penny and the Sausages play fist-punching, wayfarer-wearing, Emilio-Estevez-movie-soundtracking kind of music, and are unquestionably the most fun band I have ever been in. It's the perfect joint hobby for a married couple who still chuckle (yes, chuckle) together about the number of Cyndi Lauper and Duran Duran albums we double up on.

Our romance actually started because he was buying my vinly copy of the Weird Science soundtrack. Reader, not only did I marry him, I consequently retained my Oingo Boingo LP.

When I asked Sam to do his First Dance Friday last month, he nearly retracted it and replaced it with Five Star's The Slightest Touch. Which is awesome. It made me wonder why he hadn't actually suggested it for the real wedding. Probably for the same reason I didn't suggest this....

Because, regardless of how much we love these feelgood anthems, we have too many of them. And we love them all. And in the same breath as we contemplated them as a first dance, we were wondering if we could cover them in the band. I didn't want my memory of our first dance as a married couple being tarnished by the fact that I spent the next however many years fudging the saxophone solo.

Still, if we do it all again, we have a sturdy stock of flexi-discs that we would actually agree on, regardless of how appropriate they are for a slow dance...

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  1. LOVE this tune! being a child of the 80's the music will always bring back such cool memories. We have a 80's nightclub near to us and if you need a good laugh and to dance your socks off then this is where we go.
    St Elmos fire is a great film and has a rocking soundtrack