Monday 13 February 2012

Pen Do: The Countdown Is On

Less than a fortnight to go! I have gone from maximal excitement to now hovering over 70% giddy and 30% pant-soiling as the date moves nerve-shreddingly close.


Having booked dinner and caterwauling singing, the next big question is quite obviously what to wear, and in typical girly style, the burning desire to know what everyone else is wearing before I can possibly make any sort of informed decision. I'm not sure what primal drive I have that makes me demand an inventory of every item other females plan to wear to social occasions before I can contemplate leaving the house. What do I think is going to happen? Do I think I might mistakenly turn up to a wedding dressed as a gorilla?

Or Garth Elgar?

That would never happen

So many of you have manned up and met with people from blogs and twitter IRL (sound the cringey acronym klaxon) but hardly any of you have met me yet. Ha ha! I'm sure you won't run away screaming when you see I've actually got two heads and a penchant for knitting items from cat hair.

Butterflies be gone!

The countdown is on....


  1. Have a fab Pen Do, I'm sure everyone will be normal, and very lovely! :)

  2. I admit to being a wee bit scared too! Arrrrrrgh.

    And the clothes thing is very bothersome indeed, to use a Winnie the Pooh-ism.

    I'm going to try to channel cool and effortless and pray very hard that I don't appear panicky and underdressed.